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Cold Weather and Car Battery Related Problems

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Dead or failing batteries are some of the biggest causes for the multiple surges in roadside support calls during cold weather. Another battery issues might include those things that are always plugged into the vehicle like the electronic devices, cigarette lighter outlet, and smart phones. These plug-in devices are draining and straining your car batteries that warn for the assistance of auto shops, like the Cleveland Collision Center in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Remember that the freezing weather conditions can perform many things to your car battery. Cold weather is noted for its harsh impact on car batteries. Based from studies, at the level of 0°F the battery of a car loses around 60% of its overall strength, with 32°F it drops 35%. During cold weather, starting an engine might occur twice than the actual or as needed within the normal situations. It is suggested to make your battery examined, together with the charging and starting systems before going to the middle of the cold of winter.

An automotive battery has a life span of as 3-5 years, which has been historically defined. However, with the growth in electronics incorporated in vehicles the entire life is taking a little bit closer for 3 years. Although heat produces more damage to the batteries as compared to the cold climate, starting a car in cold season puts additional stress on it. The increasing impact of different factors throughout the time lets the cold weather to end eventually the valuable existence a battery.

Here are the warning indications that the battery of your car is at risk together with some related breakdown:

  • You notice a clicking or grinding sound upon turn on the ignition
  • Your car cranks slowly once trying to start.
  • The headlights turns dim when resting but brighten every time the engine is accelerated.
  • Your car battery is three (3) years old and above.
  • The car batteries are electro-chemical method; therefore, they possess inherent limitations and obstructed by different variables affecting their performance. Like, the battery life is subjected with the climate in your area, duration of time that electronic devises are connected into your vehicle, and the distance you usually drive your car.

While the typical life span of battery is 3-5 years, numerous environmental and internal situations influence the long-term condition of a battery. Regular testing, inspection, and cleaning are the common suggested actions. Monitoring the usage of electronic devices and accessories every time the vehicle is not running will help to maximize longevity. Though your vehicle is not running, its battery supplies continuously power to the anti-theft mechanism, the clock, and the other accessibilities in modern vehicles. The accessories, such as tablets and smartphones, can add also for fast draining.

You must always be prepared of these cold weather and car battery related problems. Make sure that you condition your car every time that you use it, especially during the winter season as this issues might happen to you unexpectedly if you take it for granted.


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