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How to keep your car looking brand new!

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Whether you’re just getting your first car or you’ve had this one for a while, you try to take care of your vehicle.  You worry about tire pressure, oil, the transmission, and all the things that are vital to keep you safe on the road.  However, we often forget to look out for how our car looks on the outside, which can be more important than you think.

Over time, weathering and natural wear and tear can ruin the paint on your vehicle, which leads to rusting.  Not only is a rusty car a problem when it comes to trying to sell or trade it, but it can lead to a lack of structural integrity and many safety hazards along the way.  With that in mind, here are a few tips from us at Cleveland Collision on how to maintain your coat of paint and prevent unsightly, damaging rust.


  • Wash your car!
    • Often we tend to think that the rain will be good enough to wash our car, that it will wash off the leaves and pollen and that’s all that really matters.  This is a great mistake as many of the harmful agents that wear down our paint remain unless they are removed off through contact.
    • We recommend you wash your vehicle on a regular basis of every two to three weeks.  During winter months when salt solutions are put on the roads, it should be increased to once a week.
    • This can be a good summer activity for children, as well as a way to help support a local charity that might be hosting a car wash.
  • Wax your car!
    • Though not as imperative as basic washing, waxing your car will allow most agents to run off your paint’s new slick surface with ease.  Remember precautions help in the long run!
  • Be extra careful when exposed to salt!
    • Salt greatly speeds up the rusting process.  Be especially conscious of this if you live either:
      • Near the Ocean.
      • In colder climates where salt is used regularly on roads.
    • Make sure to clean the underside of your vehicle well along with your wheels, as these two areas are most susceptible to rusting from salted roads.
  • Use an anti-rust coating.
    • If you live in an area where it is highly likely that your car will come into contact with large amounts of salt, you may consider a lubricant which will protect your car from rusting.  Many brands may be purchased and applied at home.
  • Extra precautions.
    • Before any long periods where your car will not be in use, it is a good idea to wash it and place a protective cover over the vehicle.
    • Increase your following distance to avoid stray rocks which can damage your car.
    • Don’t forget to inspect your vehicle on a regular basis!

If however, you do develop rust on your vehicle, be sure to take care of it immediately.  There are lubricants and sprays that can help you do this for yourself.  Getting rid of the problem early on can save you a lot of trouble and headache later on.

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