How To Know When It Is Time To Replace Your Car Or Truck Tires

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Tires are one important safety feature that should never be neglected. The performance of your car tires is critical to the efficiency, performance and safety of your vehicle. While most tires are designed to provide maximum performance in all conditions and at high speeds, it is important to note that not all tires can accomplish this task through their lives. It doesn’t take long before they start losing their traction and braking ability. So how do you know when it’s the right time to replace your car tires? Here are a few tips that can guide you.


Take a look at the tread and its pattern


In a bid to avoid hydroplaning on wet roads and improve traction, tires are made with treads to help divert water from beneath them. When tires are worn, they become very much unsafe. Also, tires can be said to be unsafe when their tread is down by 1.6mm.


Every tire sold in the US has small bridges between treads which are known as “tread wear bars.” They often run across the tires. If you discover that these bars have become even or level with your tire’s tread, then know that it’s time to replace your car or truck tires.


Tread wear


One easy way to check your treads is by using the old-school penny test. At the thickest part of the tire, place a penny in the center of the tread. The penny should be placed upside down with Abraham Lincoln facing you. If the very top of Lincoln’s head is outrightly visible to you, then the tires need immediate change. However, it’s time to go shopping for new tires if you can partially see the top of Lincoln’s hair. But if you properly insert the penny and discover that the tread is deep enough to the extent of covering parts of Lincoln’s forehead that you can hardly see the hair on the top of his head, then note that it is not yet time to replace your tires.


Use a tread depth gauge


The tread depth gauge is a simply measuring instrument can be used to measure the depth of the tread of your tire. If you don’t have any one of your own, then go to an auto parts dealer to purchase one. Make a quick search online to find the right measurement for your tread. Alternatively, you can decide to go your usual tire place- collision repair Cleveland TN – so they can check it for you.


Bulges, gouges or cracks

As a sign of slow air leak or low tire pressure, tires bulge at the side when they deflate. It is recommended to take your tire to your repair shop, automotive repair Cleveland Tn or consider replacing it if you notice gouges, cracks or anything that looks odd in the sidewall.

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