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Rain, Snow, Shine – How to drive safe in all seasons.

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Whether you’re heading home from work during one of those proverbial summer rainstorms when you can barely see the hood of your car, let alone the road, or if you’re trying to brave snowfall to get to your destination, we all could use a few tips when it comes to staying safe in bad conditions.  Here are a few suggestions to keep you safe no matter the season or the weather.


  • Rain
    • Make sure your windshield wipers are in good working order.
    • Be extra careful if a hard rain has just begun as this is when roads are at their most slippery.
  • Ice
    • Slow down!  Having a wreck will greatly increase the amount of time to get to your destination, and it’s not worth it.
    • Be especially careful when crossing bridges and overpasses as they ice-over faster than normal roads.
  • Snow
    • Be very gentle when breaking.  If you are driving a manual transmission, shift down instead of using brakes to avoid slipping.
    • Know how to correct yourself in case you begin to slide.  Always turn to the same direction you are sliding.
  • In general:
    • Always remember that you can pull over and wait for the weather and roads to clear before continuing.
    • It is a good idea to keep an extra blanket, first aid kit, and other emergency supplies stored in your car just in case.
    • Before each journey try to check the weather reports so that if there is to be inclement weather, you will have some warning.
    • Finally, and most importantly, use caution in all driving situations.  Don’t be foolish.  That phone call or text can wait.


However, should the forces of nature overcome you despite your superior driving skills and you find yourself in need of repairs, remember to come see us at Cleveland Collision.  We can fix just about anything Mother Nature can throw at you.


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