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Winter Preparations for Your Car or Truck

Winter season is now fast approaching and you might be preparing yourself for the cold weather. But is your car or truck also ready to face the season? Some of the people might take for granted their cars in this season, as they assume that it is just a machine and can fight whatever temperature it may face. It is one of the false concepts of the great majority, just like you, your car needs also to be conditions for the cold season. Here are some winter preparations for your car or truck that you can perform.

  • Make sure you check the battery together with charging system for best possible performance. Cold weather is a big treat for batteries.
  • Clean, remove, and set new anti-freeze in the cooling system of your car. Make sure that you perform this at least every two years.
  • See to it that the heaters, wipers, defrosters function properly. You can consider the wiper blades for winter and utilize a washer fluid for cold weather. As a rule, wiper blades must be altered every six months.
  • Monitor the tire pressure and tread depth. If ice and snow are issues in your area, try to utilize special tires especially designed to hold slick roads. Remember that during winter, the tire pressure must be monitored weekly.
  • Be careful regarding oil and filter changing, as it is suggested with intervals. The dirty oil can produce trouble during winter. You can change to the type of oil that “winter weight” particularly if you are in area with extreme cold climate. Allow your technician to check the air, fuel, and transmission filters.
  • If you are in line for a tune-up, then make it done prior to winter. Winter expands the existing problems of your car or truck like hard starts, pings, rough idling, and sluggish performance.
  • Inspect the brakes. The braking system of your vehicle is the most crucial safety item. That is why you should take high consideration in this part.
  • Inspect the exhaust system for leaks of carbon monoxide that can be dangerous in cold weather driving, particularly when windows are locked.
  • Check to determine that the interior, exterior, and headlights are functioning properly.

Winterizing your car or truck is an excellent idea even if you asked Cleveland Collision Center, the number one auto repair and collision repair body shop all over Cleveland, Tennessee. Preparing your car or truck for winter can also be a good investment as you can avoid any future problems. This will also help you protect your life, especially when you are driving in a icy or slippery road. If you can avail the winter tires, then it can be a good way for you to make some traveling using your car. Thus, do not hesitate to ask Cleveland Collision Center if you have further questions on how you can fully winterized your car or truck as this company knows everything that you need.

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